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Discover Malware That Escaped Your Containment

Continuously monitor malware emanating from your network and receive alerts immediately notifying you when new malware is discovered.

Malware GraderTM is always free


What is Malware Grader?

Malware Grader is a free tool that enables security professionals to monitor malware emanating from their infrastructure that is publicly viewable.

The tool provides a weekly summary that lists all malware detected within the last 30 days by IP address, last detection date, first detection date, and the malware family it belongs to. Additionally, when new malware is detected, an alert will be immediately sent.

What is SecurityScorecard?

SecurityScorecard is an 'outside-in' report card of your security risk posture. The platform continuously gathers security intelligence data and instantly grades companies from A-F scale across ten crucial security categories.

How does SecurityScorecard collect security intelligence?

Data is collected passively and non-intrusively through both publicly-available and proprietary security risk intelligence sources. We do not enter company networks or systems to collect and calculate your instant scorecard. Our platform provides outside-in visibility on ten security categories and factors, and automatically grades and benchmarks the risk posture of companies to their specific industry.

The tool leverages the SecurityScorecard sinkhole infrastructure, a blend of OSINT malware feeds, and third party threat intelligence data sharing partnerships. Our sinkhole system ingests millions of malware signals from commandeered Command and Control (C2) infrastructures from all over the world. The incoming data is then processed and attributed to corporate enterprises. The quantity and duration of malware infections are used to determine an overall grade.